Environmental Pathogen Management: Monitoring Challenges

Webinar with Jack van der Sanden, Senior Food Safety Advisor at bioMérieux.


Environmental pathogen management (EPM) is an increasingly important food safety prerequisite program as regulatory bodies move toward more preventive controls in food manufacturing. Jack van der Sanden, renowned food safety advisor, will share his insights on implementing and monitoring an environmental pathogen management program.

This webinar will present monitoring challenges and the considerations needed to incorporate them into an EPM program. You’ll discover risk-based logic that can help set an effective pre-determined response plan and get answers to the most pressing industry questions, like “What makes a good sample point?  How frequently should I monitor? And what are swabbing best practices?”

About the Presenter

Jack van der Sanden has worked in the global food industry for 35 years. With a strong cross-functional background, he has led production, technical, supply chain, and food safety and quality teams. He is currently a senior food safety advisor with bioMérieux, helping food manufacturers around the world with food safety and quality challenges. Previously, Jack was the General Manager of food safety and quality assurance at Fonterra, a multinational dairy cooperative based in New Zealand. During this time, he led a company-wide food safety review of Fonterra’s manufacturing base and redesigned the company’s food safety and quality standards for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and environmental pathogen management.

Jack has advised many local and international food businesses and managed consultancy projects and training in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He has a food technology degree from The Netherlands and a postgraduate diploma in dairy science and technology from Massey University in New Zealand.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How to look for the right pathogens.
  2. How to look in the right places.
  3. Finding the pathogen before it finds us.
  4. Having a plan in place when we find one.

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