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“See The Future” Roundtable

A Data-Driven Approach to Food Safety & Quality


Today, we welcome Dr. Hannes Pouseele (R&D Systems Director, bioMérieux), Dr. Nicholas Siciliano (CEO, Invisible Sentinel), and Dr. Vik Dutta (Senior Staff Scientist, bioMérieux) to explore the new frontier of food safety and understand how Predictive Diagnostics will change the way we ask questions and solve problems. 

This new suite of solutions from bioMérieux integrates traditional microbiology tools with data science, sequencing applications, and predictive modeling. It allows for analysis of everything from supplier and raw material risks to finished product variances, and even customer complaints. Now, more than ever before, we can recognize food quality and safety problems using a data-driven approach to deliver tangible, profitable, and safe solutions. 

How will this change the way the industry thinks and behaves? How can applications and diverse data streams be applied to promote healthy and safe manufacturing? And most importantly, how will Predictive Diagnostics help the industry as the FDA and other regulators are pointing towards the need for smarter, people-lead, tech enabled food safety? Discover this and more, as we “see the future” and understand a data-driven approach to food safety and quality. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Predictive Diagnostics is a first of it’s kind suite of solutions from bioMérieux, integrating traditional microbiology tools with data sciences.
  • Manufacturers now have the ability to predict and prevent food safety problems, and identify opportunities to improve systems for more profitable operations.
  • Even without pinpointing the problem, Predictive Diagnostics allows us to analyze the outcome to predict future problems, and prevent them from occurring. 
  • “This is an ongoing [data science] revolution that we are in the midst of, and food safety is just getting exposed to it.”

Custom Solutions

Our agile scientific team, with an entrepreneurial outlook, will help you shift focus away from the traditional silo mindset of addressing one issue at a time, to a holistic approach where data and scientific expertise work together to predict rather than react.

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Core Lab & At-Line Testing

As leaders in microbiology testing for over 55 years, bioMérieux offers rapid and traditional microbiology solutions for manufacturers. From sample preparation to quality testing to pathogen detection and identification, bioMérieux has a diagnostic solutions that will allow a quick and confident release of products.

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