Food leaders are working together to build the future of food safety

The Promising Era Of Microbiome

Tim Stubbs shares his insights on the promising era of building the future of food safety

Presenter: Tim Stubbs, Vice President, Product Research and Food Safety at Dairy Management Inc.


In this episode of Friday Foodie Talk from bioMérieux, Tim Stubbs shares his insights about the promising era of microbiome and thoughts on how both industries and experts in our field are building the future of food safety together. As Vice President of Product Research and Food Safety at Dairy Management Inc., Mr. Stubbs regularly comes together with other industry leaders to discuss their best practices, people, and processes.

Watch the full video above to hear Mr. Stubbs address valuable questions in the food industry, including: What is the importance of the emerging trend around the study of the microbiome for our industry? What knowledge gaps need to be addressed? Which exciting innovations will become standardized by 2030? Is the food safety industry having the right conversation now to prepare for the needs of the future?

Mr. Stubbs predicts that studies around the microbiome and whole genome sequencing will change the rules of Food Safety. He reviews the new tools that will change the way we work, and he ends with a discussion on how food leaders are working together to build the future of the industry.

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Key Takeaways

  • Whole genome sequencing has evolved from a detection tool to a prediction and prevention method.
  • By moving testing and quality controls further back in the supply chain, we can prevent contamination by utilizing environmental modeling to identify specific pathogens and indicator organisms.
  • The food safety industry has evolved exponentially over the past 5 years, and an important next step will be implementing new tools in plant mitigation.

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