From Partnership to Innovation

Presenters: Guillaume Dancoisne, Strategic Account Manager & Louisiane Giovannetti, Senior Scientist


Isigny Sainte-Mère is an independent dairy cooperative located in Normandy (France) whose origins date back to 1909. The rich pastures of this exceptional terrain are the source of prestigious and luxuriant grazing, a truly great source of butter and cream. The cooperative manufactures high-quality cheeses, butter, creams, and infant formulas. More than half of the cooperative’s sales are exported and the name Isigny Sainte-Mère is known all over the world.

Saving time as well as unlocking value from data are benefits of moving towards a preventive strategy rather than a corrective one – this is the next step according to Gérald Andriot, COO at Isigny Sainte-Mère. bioMérieux’s goal is to bring the right answer through Predictive Diagnostics.

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Key Takeaways

  • With faster time-to-results, they can save precious time and ensure the faster release of their batches.
  • Building predictive models is important because the more we anticipate, the less impacted the cooperative and our customers will be.

Environmental Pathogen Management: Monitoring Challenges


Environmental pathogen management (EPM) is an increasingly important food safety prerequisite program as regulatory bodies move toward more preventive controls in food manufacturing. Jack van der Sanden, renowned food safety advisor, will share his insights on implementing and monitoring an environmental pathogen management program.

This webinar will present monitoring challenges and the considerations needed to incorporate them into an EPM program. You’ll discover risk-based logic that can help set an effective pre-determined response plan and get answers to the most pressing industry questions, like “What makes a good sample point?  How frequently should I monitor? And what are swabbing best practices?”

About the Presenter

Jack van der Sanden has worked in the global food industry for 35 years. With a strong cross-functional background, he has led production, technical, supply chain, and food safety and quality teams. He is currently a senior food safety advisor with bioMérieux, helping food manufacturers around the world with food safety and quality challenges. Previously, Jack was the General Manager of food safety and quality assurance at Fonterra, a multinational dairy cooperative based in New Zealand. During this time, he led a company-wide food safety review of Fonterra’s manufacturing base and redesigned the company’s food safety and quality standards for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and environmental pathogen management.

Jack has advised many local and international food businesses and managed consultancy projects and training in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He has a food technology degree from The Netherlands and a postgraduate diploma in dairy science and technology from Massey University in New Zealand.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How to look for the right pathogens.
  2. How to look in the right places.
  3. Finding the pathogen before it finds us.
  4. Having a plan in place when we find one.

The Promising Era Of Microbiome

Presenter: Tim Stubbs, Vice President, Product Research and Food Safety at Dairy Management Inc.


In this episode of Friday Foodie Talk from bioMérieux, Tim Stubbs shares his insights about the promising era of microbiome and thoughts on how both industries and experts in our field are building the future of food safety together. As Vice President of Product Research and Food Safety at Dairy Management Inc., Mr. Stubbs regularly comes together with other industry leaders to discuss their best practices, people, and processes.

Watch the full video above to hear Mr. Stubbs address valuable questions in the food industry, including: What is the importance of the emerging trend around the study of the microbiome for our industry? What knowledge gaps need to be addressed? Which exciting innovations will become standardized by 2030? Is the food safety industry having the right conversation now to prepare for the needs of the future?

Mr. Stubbs predicts that studies around the microbiome and whole genome sequencing will change the rules of Food Safety. He reviews the new tools that will change the way we work, and he ends with a discussion on how food leaders are working together to build the future of the industry.

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Key Takeaways

  • Whole genome sequencing has evolved from a detection tool to a prediction and prevention method.
  • By moving testing and quality controls further back in the supply chain, we can prevent contamination by utilizing environmental modeling to identify specific pathogens and indicator organisms.
  • The food safety industry has evolved exponentially over the past 5 years, and an important next step will be implementing new tools in plant mitigation.

“See The Future” Roundtable


Today, we welcome Dr. Hannes Pouseele (R&D Systems Director, bioMérieux), Dr. Nicholas Siciliano (CEO, Invisible Sentinel), and Dr. Vik Dutta (Senior Staff Scientist, bioMérieux) to explore the new frontier of food safety and understand how Predictive Diagnostics will change the way we ask questions and solve problems. 

This new suite of solutions from bioMérieux integrates traditional microbiology tools with data science, sequencing applications, and predictive modeling. It allows for analysis of everything from supplier and raw material risks to finished product variances, and even customer complaints. Now, more than ever before, we can recognize food quality and safety problems using a data-driven approach to deliver tangible, profitable, and safe solutions. 

How will this change the way the industry thinks and behaves? How can applications and diverse data streams be applied to promote healthy and safe manufacturing? And most importantly, how will Predictive Diagnostics help the industry as the FDA and other regulators are pointing towards the need for smarter, people-lead, tech enabled food safety? Discover this and more, as we “see the future” and understand a data-driven approach to food safety and quality. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Predictive Diagnostics is a first of it’s kind suite of solutions from bioMérieux, integrating traditional microbiology tools with data sciences.
  • Manufacturers now have the ability to predict and prevent food safety problems, and identify opportunities to improve systems for more profitable operations.
  • Even without pinpointing the problem, Predictive Diagnostics allows us to analyze the outcome to predict future problems, and prevent them from occurring. 
  • “This is an ongoing [data science] revolution that we are in the midst of, and food safety is just getting exposed to it.”

Perspective of a Food Safety & Quality Leader


Sean Leighton is the Global VP of Food Safety, Quality & Regulation Affairs at Cargill, and has previously worked with food production giants such as Coca-Cola, Land O’Lakes, and Pillsbury. Mr. Leighton’s current venture at Cargill spans multiple industries, including agriculture, meat & dairy, food & beverage, and many others. 

This video features perspectives from food safety & quality leader Mr. Leighton on hot industry topics including: How important is supply chain traceability in measuring trustworthiness? Are traditional internal audits still necessary? What kinds of data are needed to advance food safety? How can we shift industry mindsets towards the future of data science? To hear Mr. Leighton answers these questions and more, watch the full video above.

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Key Takeaways

  • Traceability is a hot topic in the food safety industry and helps measure trustworthiness across the supply chains.
  • Traditional GFSI 3rd-party audits still have their place, but cutting-edge technologies and methods are opening up new opportunities for auditing.
  • Visualizing and monetizing the cost avoidance benefits of food safety data systems will be key to changing mindsets within the industry.

Custom Solutions

Our agile scientific team, with an entrepreneurial outlook, will help you shift focus away from the traditional silo mindset of addressing one issue at a time, to a holistic approach where data and scientific expertise work together to predict rather than react.

  • Scientific Affairs
  • R&D
  • Bioinformatics
  • Augmented Diagnostic Services

Core Lab & At-Line Testing

As leaders in microbiology testing for over 55 years, bioMérieux offers rapid and traditional microbiology solutions for manufacturers. From sample preparation to quality testing to pathogen detection and identification, bioMérieux has a diagnostic solutions that will allow a quick and confident release of products.

  • Sterility Testing
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Media & Sample Prep
  • Quality Indicator Testing
  • Identification Solutions