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Winner of the IAFP Food Safety Innovation Award

Reduce Risk With Award-Winning Insights.

Predictive Diagnostics is evolving the philosophy of food safety from detect-and-respond to proactive prevention—and the industry is taking notice. We’re honored to receive this year’s IAFP Food Safety Innovation Award, the latest accomplishment in our long history of important scientific milestones.

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Detect. Predict. Prevent.

Predictive Diagnostics gives you a new way of looking at your production facility, using customized analysis tools that distill a mountain of data into real-time insights. This allows you to identify the source of the problem and execute solutions to prevent future incidents.

  • Boosts quality and efficiency
  • Better risk management
  • Proactively prevent issues before they happen

How to see the future

Our suite of solutions integrates core lab and at-line microbiology tools with data science, sequencing applications, and predictive modeling to data-mine the microbiome of your facility and products. This precise, data driven approach enables food quality and safety teams to move from detecting and responding to situations to predicting and preventing contamination, reducing hold-times, and avoiding catastrophic recalls. It’s a new way of improving food quality, safety, transparency, and company profitability.

The power of predicting

The FDA’s new blueprint

Our ultimate goal is to bend the curve of foodborne illnesses.

FDA Commissioner, Stephen Hahn

Data-driven improvements and disruptions have been slow to arrive in one of the most fundamental cornerstones of our industry: food safety. Until now.

With new tools and technologies, bioMérieux is revolutionizing the way food safety and quality is monitored. We firmly believe the time is now for the food safety industry to come together and collectively usher in big data-driven improvements for a sustainable, safe, and productive future.

Tech-enabled traceability
Food safety culture
Smarter outbreak response tools
New business and retail models

Our Core Capabilities

Core lab and at-line microbiology testing
Processing experts to assist
Genomics and sequencing
Advanced data analytics


Q. Why am I testing?

A: You test to assess, avoid, and predict risk. But is it the full picture? Our approach will allow you to take a different vantage point to see all your data through a new lens to make better more proactive decisions for your operation.

Q: How can I predict issues rather than just detect them?

A: We data-mine across the entire production chain to create a blueprint that targets and identifies reoccurring issues so you can proactively address the issues in real-time.

Q: How do contaminants migrate through my facility and my supply chain?

A: Using diagnostics, data science and software applications, gain an understanding for your facilities risk, and how and when to mitigate.

We maximize the information supplied by your EM program and identify supplier risks so you can better manage quality control and safety.

Q: Are the bacteria in my facility resistant to cleaners and temperatures?

A: Utilizing smart sequencing applications you can understand the genotypic and phenotypic traits that impact resistance factors so appropriate measures can be taken.

Q: How do I reduce spoilage and increase shelf life?

A: Using advanced multiplex targeting coupled with the power of bioinformatics allows identification of the specific culprits composing your facilities spoilerBIOME. Using these insights to adjust the production of finished products ensures maximum quality and consistency batch-to-batch.

Q: How do I use customer feedback to improve my production process?

A: Customer complaints are a key indicator where production value has faltered. We data-mine consumer and vendor reviews to target issues in product quality, locale, transportation, and storage.

Predictive Diagnostics helps food manufacturers answer bigger questions within their facilities. Understanding the risks of a potential supplier or why product variances arise between facilities is possible, it just requires data driven analysis and predictive analytics to create custom solutions that only Predictive Diagnostics from bioMérieux can provide.

Custom Solutions

Our agile scientific team, with an entrepreneurial outlook, will help you shift focus away from the traditional silo mindset of addressing one issue at a time, to a holistic approach where data and scientific expertise work together to predict rather than react.

  • Scientific Affairs
  • R&D
  • Bioinformatics
  • Augmented Diagnostic Services

Core Lab & At-Line Testing

As leaders in microbiology testing for over 55 years, bioMérieux offers rapid and traditional microbiology solutions for manufacturers. From sample preparation to quality testing to pathogen detection and identification, bioMérieux has a diagnostic solutions that will allow a quick and confident release of products.

  • Sterility Testing
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Media & Sample Prep
  • Quality Indicator Testing
  • Identification Solutions