Adam Joelsson and Vik Dutta

From Detect & Respond to Predict & Prevent

Food Safety Magazine’s “Food Safety Matters” Podcast

Presenters: Adam Joelsson, Director of Technology and Head of Research and Development at Invisible Sentinel Inc., a bioMérieux company & Vik Dutta, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist at bioMérieux.


Hear from Adam Joelsson, Director of Technology and Head of Research and Development at Invisible Sentinel Inc. and Vik Dutta, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist at bioMérieux. Adam and Vik discuss the future of food safety in this bonus episode of Food Safety Magazine’s Food Safety Matters podcast. They discuss the evolution of the industry from one-test one-result to a predictive model, using Predictive Diagnostics to bend the curve in food safety and quality, and the minds at bioMérieux who make Predictive Diagnostics possible.

The interview also covers the exciting new Predictive Diagnostics Innovation Center (PDIC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. The PDIC is an intersection of bioMérieux’s key sectors, including bioinformatics, data science, augmented Dx, assay platforms, sequencing, and applied science. The hub leverages experts’ brainpower and skills to tackle next-generation diagnostic methods, with the end goal of moving from being reactive to proactive.

Because of revolutionary improvements in technology, the switch from detect and respond to predict and prevent is now within reach, and will significantly move the needle in food safety and quality. The PDIC already has multiple success stories, including a sophisticated spoilage prevention project with BODYARMOR. Listen to the full podcast above to hear more from Adam and Vik about the future of the food safety and quality industry.

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Key Takeaways

  • The industry has always looked at contamination as a singular event, but Predictive Diagnostics is creating a holistic system by looking at the entire production chain, from raw materials to customer feedback.
  • The Predictive Diagnostics Innovation Center (PDIC) in Philadelphia is an exciting new braintrust comprised of bioMérieux’s key research sectors.
  • Final Product Testing for harmful bacteria like Listeria happens too late in the supply chain. Identifying indicator biomes in raw materials can stop contamination events before production.

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