Our Vision

bioMérieux, Pioneering Diagnostics

The food system is undergoing major changes as data science, new technologies and new foods are disrupting the way manufacturers tackle food safety and quality.

Now more than ever at bioMérieux we are conscious of the value diagnostic testing can bring to improving food safety & quality. COVID 19 has put diagnostic testing in the spotlight helping to emphasize the crucial role it plays in safeguarding people’s health from infectious diseases.

At bioMérieux we believe we are entering into a new era of diagnostics, an insightful era where data and new technologies will allow us to go beyond detection & responding to a more predictive and preventive approach.

Since 2018, a specialized group of data scientists and software specialists have been working hand-in-hand preparing the future of food safety & quality at bioMérieux head office in Lyon France.

Our vision is embedded in our Pasteurian history and public health mission to protect consumer health.

At bioMérieux we believe we have an important role to play in leading this unprecedented shift by leveraging new technologies & predictive modelling opportunities along the entire production value-chain.

At bioMérieux we are changing our business model, as well as the way we interact with our customers by adopting a holistic approach to reducing contamination of food.

In the long-term, we believe in a community model of sharing predictive scientific data. Our public health mission guides our actions and future plans not only from a performance perspective but also in terms of the impact we will have on future generations of people to come.

At bioMérieux we like to dream. Our dream is to ensure the bioMérieux name becomes synonymous with innovative and positive change to the food safety system.

Custom Solutions

Our agile scientific team, with an entrepreneurial outlook, will help you shift focus away from the traditional silo mindset of addressing one issue at a time, to a holistic approach where data and scientific expertise work together to predict rather than react.

  • Scientific Affairs
  • R&D
  • Bioinformatics
  • Augmented Diagnostic Services

Core Lab & At-Line Testing

As leaders in microbiology testing for over 55 years, bioMérieux offers rapid and traditional microbiology solutions for manufacturers. From sample preparation to quality testing to pathogen detection and identification, bioMérieux has a diagnostic solutions that will allow a quick and confident release of products.

  • Sterility Testing
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Media & Sample Prep
  • Quality Indicator Testing
  • Identification Solutions